2024 Press release

Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl presented by Gin & Juice by Dre and Snoop logo

Unique Sponsorship Agreement Brokered by Playfly Premier Partnerships

TUCSON, ARIZONA (May 6, 2024) – The Arizona Bowl, which brings together teams from the Mountain West Conference and Mid-American Conference each year, announced a multi-year sponsorship deal today, titling the event the “Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl Presented by Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop,” to air on December 28, 2024 at 2:30pm MST. This groundbreaking agreement marks the first alcohol partner as the presenting sponsor in an NCAA Bowl Game. Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop is the first ready-to-drink product from Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s new premium spirits company and is named for Snoop’s iconic 1994 song from his debut album, Doggystyle, produced by Dr. Dre.

“I’ve sent many players through my SYFL to colleges (and the NFL) so it’s only fitting that I bring the ‘juice’ back to college football,” said Snoop Dogg. “Dr. Dre and I are excited to bring our brand to the next level with this partnership, and we’re going to make the Arizona Bowl into a game day experience like never before.” 

Snoop Dogg will promote the new line of premium Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop flavors at the event. In addition to the game, several events will be held in Tucson ahead of kickoff time, including charity events and a SNOOPER Bowl, bringing the top California and Arizona youth football teams to battle it out. As a philanthropist, Snoop Dogg launched the Snoop Youth Football League 17 years ago that has since seen more than 40 kids make it to the NFL. As part of the SYFL, Snoop Special Stars ensures that kids with any physical, mental or developmental disabilities also participate.

“We are honored to be working with one of our owners, Snoop Dogg, on this incredible event,” said Patrick Halbert, CEO of Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop. The brand’s Chief Strategy Officer, Andrew Gill, continues, “This partnership was a natural fit for us, and we are excited to be the first alcohol presenting sponsor in a Bowl Game.” 

“We’re thrilled about our groundbreaking partnership with Snoop and Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop,” said Kym Adair, Executive Director of the Arizona Bowl. “This year, the Arizona Bowl is bringing sports, libations, and entertainment into a singular bowl game, and we are changing the definition of what a brand partnership is in the NCAA.” 

In March 2021, the Arizona Bowl formed its partnership with Playfly Premier Partnerships, a division of Playfly Sports, the rapidly growing sports media and marketing agency with expertise in full-service sponsorship sales representation and sponsorship consulting. The “Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl Presented by Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop” is the second collaboration between Playfly and the Arizona Bowl. Playfly secured Snoop Dogg and Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop as sponsors and finalized the agreement. 

“From the outset, we leveraged fan data to understand the valuable intersection between college sports and entertainment, redefining how the two can intersect,” said Playfly Founder and CEO, Mike Schreiber. “This partnership is a testament to our innovation and commitment to providing an unforgettable fan experience.”

The “Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl presented by Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop” will further the success of one of college football’s most unique games, which donates 100% of net proceeds to charity and provides prominent national television exposure and profitable brand activation opportunities to potential sponsors and offers one of the largest “Hero” recognition programs in the nation. 

About the Arizona Bowl 
Owned and operated by TD4Tucson, a Tucson-based non-profit organization, the Arizona Bowl provides world-class experiences for college student-athletes, fans, and the local community, culminating in a nationally recognized college football competition. The game features teams from the Mountain West and Mid-American Conferences. www.thearizonabowl.com 

About Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop

Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop is the first ready to drink product from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s new premium spirits company which launched in February 2024. Named for Snoop Dogg’s beloved Grammy-nominated 1994 song, “Gin & Juice,” from his classic debut album Doggystyle, produced by Dr. Dre, the all-natural, lightly carbonated cocktail is available in four flavors: Apricot, Citrus, Melon and Passionfruit. Distributed nationally by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop is available in the U.S. at major retailers and liquor stores. More offerings from the brand will be announced in the future. For more information, visit www.bydreandsnoop.com 

About Snoop Dogg

An entertainment industry mogul, Snoop Dogg has reigned for nearly three decades as an unparalleled force, consistently raising the bar as a globally recognized innovator. The multi-platinum rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, DJ, media personality, businessman and icon has released 21 studio albums, sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, reached #1 countless times on Billboard charts internationally and received 20 Grammy Award nominations over the course of his storied music career. With an incredible life story tailor-made for a film treatment, Universal is currently in production on Snoop’s biopic directed by award winner Allen Hughes. The untitled film will be written by Joe Robert Cole and produced by Snoop, Hughes, Brian Grazer and Sara Ramaker. The film will be the first release from Death Row Pictures, the film and TV offshoot of legendary Death Row Records, which Snoop acquired in 2022 and was the home to many of his most iconic albums, including 1994’s “Doggystyle.” Snoop will have a major presence on NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in Paris, serving as one of NBC’s hosts and will be seen throughout the Games attending various competitions, visiting with athletes and their friends and families, and exploring city landmarks. In addition to Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop, Snoop has teamed with Happi Co. to create his own dessert, Dr. Bombay Ice Cream. Available in seven flavors, the ice cream can be found at Walmart and grocery retail stores around the country.

About Playfly Sports

Playfly Sports is a full-service sports marketing company operating where sports marketing, media & technology converge. Playfly Sports drives outcome-based solutions for brands reaching approximately 83% of all U.S. sports fans generating over 230bn impressions each year in pro, college, and high school sports. Utilizing the influence and durability of local sports fandom, Playfly Sports exclusive rights in the NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, esports, and high school sectors drive value for our local, regional, and national brand partners. Playfly’s insights-infused multimedia and tech platforms drive innovation through scaled linear, digital, in-venue, and experiential marketing and engagement assets. Playfly Sports has the unique ability to partner, innovate, and advance the aspirations of athletes, brands, academic institutions, and sports fans across the U.S. Playfly Sports is Igniting Brands through the Love of Fans. Visit Playfly Sports online at playfly.com and follow Playfly Sports on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook: @PlayflySports. www.playfly.com